Ginger-kiwi or Ginger-guava tea and acupuncture relieve dry mouth in hyposalivation, xerostomia and Sjogren's syndrome patients.

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Dry mouth (hyposalivation, xerostomia, Sjogren's syndrome) may underlie other serious health problems, such as autoimmune disease, rheumatic disorders, dental caries, ascending (suppurative) sialadenitis, dysgeusia, oral dysesthesia, Alzheimer's disease, stroke and so on.

Ginger and Vc (ascorbic acid, vitamin C) combination showed effectiveness in treating and relieving dry mouth symptoms in recent human clinical trial. High content Vc (ascorbic acid) exists in guava, kiwi, kale and papaya, so ginger and Vc-rich foods like guava can be used as home remedy for dry mouth people with hyposalivation, xerostomia and Sjogren's syndrome. Use ginger to brew tea or make smoothie with guava, kiwi, kale or papaya to relieve dry mouth problem.

Clinical trial of acupuncture and oral care sessions in patients with chronic xerostomia following treatment of head and neck cancer:
  1. Chronic xerostomia impairs patients' quality of life. The efficacy of acupuncture in alleviating xerostomia symptoms especially dry mouth was evaluated in this trial.
  2. A total of 145 patients with chronic radiation-induced xerostomia >18 months after treatments were recruited from seven UK cancer centers.
  3. Participants received two group sessions of oral care education and eight of acupuncture using standardized methods.
  4. Patient-reported outcome measures were completed at baseline and weeks 5, 9, 13, 17, and 21. The primary outcome was improvement in dry mouthSaliva measurements were also carried out.
  5. Acupuncture compared with oral care, produced significant reductions in patient reports of severe dry mouth, sticky saliva, needing to sip fluids to swallow food and in waking up at night to drink.
Conclusion: Eight sessions of weekly group acupuncture compared with group oral care education provide significantly better relief of symptoms in patients suffering from chronic radiation-induced xerostomia.

Dry mouth prevention tips:
Avoid commercial mouth rinses or mouthwashes.
Avoid salty foods, dry foods such as crackers, cookies, foods and beverages 
with high sugar content.
Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine-drinks.


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